Mycelium Leather.

A solution that tackles climate change, animal abuse and humanitarian issues

New era
of biotextiles

Our R&D Strategy for Sporatex

“Our strategy to enhance aesthetics, performance and scalability; is based on a complex Bio-Convergence of state-of-the-art technologies and a biodiscovery platform in the amazon. Aimed to find and enhance the best strains in the world to develop the next generation of biotextiles”.

Hernán Rebolledo - CEO Spora Biotech

Co-founders & Senior Partners

CEO & Cofounder
Hernán Rebolledo
Chairman & Cofounder
José Miguel Figueroa
CSO & Senior Partner
Leopoldo Naranjo Ph.D.
Director of Strategy
& Senior Partner

Pablo Zamora Ph.D.

Our world vision

The planet earth is perfect

We are a Biotechnological Startup with a unique world view, based on the premise that planet earth is perfect.

We believe on the contrary to all startups, that we don't need to change the world. We believe we need take care of the world improving our society. That is why in Spora Biotech, we are improving the world through biotechnology.

Our first improvement for society is our enhanced mycelium-leather called Sporatex, a solution that tackles climate change, animal abuse and humanitarian issues.

Brand Partner

"Since we had our first conversation with Spora Biotech to introduce their mycelium-leather Sporatex, we felt that there was a lot in common and a great potential in a collaborative work. We are happy to  Chilean companies to make globally disruptive developments."

Carlos Scheiding - Founder & Marketing Operations Director - Gnomo Wear®️

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